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atc scm speakers, loudspeakers, studio control monitors for sale in the usa.
 ATC Speakers
  ATC SCM 20   ATC SCM 40   ATC EL150 SLP  
  ATC SCM20 SL   ATC SCM 40 Floor-Standing Passive Speakers   ATC EL150 SLP  
  The ATC SCM 20SL is
the passive version of
ATC's professional SCM
20ASL active speaker.
  The 3-Way ATC SCM40
has twice received
a FIVE Star review
rating from What Hi-Fi.
  The ATC EL150 SLP is
a high performance, no
compromise, limited
edition speaker.
The New ATC CDA2

The ATC CDA2 Compact Disc
Player with bulit-in Preamplifier is
the latest addition to ATC's studio grade audiophile electronics.
ATC CDA2 CD Player & Preamplifier

On our atc speakers home-page you can review monitors for sale and the price list of atc loudspeakers uk, or call us to buy.
 Travel Trax Audio provides you with ATC's entire line of Loudspeakers, Preamps & Amplifiers all for sale at an
 affordable price. We strive to help you attain the highest level of industry professional sound, right in your home
 environment. Our custom ATC Home Theater Surround Sound System packages are designed to help you save.
 From the outset, the design philosophy of ATC monitoring has paid special attention to the creation of an
 accurate reverberant field, which is the key to precisely recreating spatial information in 5 or more channels as
 well as 2 channel stereo. ATC monitoring systems are built without compromise utilizing drive units designed and
 constructed by ATC to provide monitoring capabilities always in advance of the format requirements.
You can visit flat earth audio and trans audio group for additional ATC Speakers & Electronics information.
 ATC offers clients, installers and architects, the most flexible solution to Home Entertainment Loudspeaker and
 Amplifier requirements. Presenting the widest and best range of Stereo and Multichannel active and passive
 loudspeakers, together with a custom cabinet built option to meet even the most demanding installation needs.
 With a choice of nine stereo speaker pairs, four subs, three dedicated center channels, and four complete
 Multichannel collections, ATC has a loudspeaker system for all installations. ATC's unique Mix & Match Concept
 based on the close timbre matching of one monitor type to another and the special attention that has been paid
 to the creation of accurate reverberant fields, sets ATC apart from other Loudspeaker manufacturers.
 In practice, it means speakers can be confidently mixed and matched according to SPL, room size, number of
 channels,  power and budget requirements. Even greater flexibility is available as a result of the wide variety
 of enclosure finishes. These range from a choice of wood finishes, professional and piano black, and for many
 models, color finished to match room interiors.
ATC SCM 11 Passive Bookshelf Speakers       ATC SCM 11

The ATC SCM11 brings
ATC's legendary sound
to your system in a
very affordable way.

What Hi-Fi says:

"The ATC SCM11 raises
the bar when it comes to
dynamics, transparency
and detail. We go so far
as to say most speakers
at double the money would
struggle to better the ATC's performance..." read more

ATC Entry Level Speakers ATC Tower Series Speakers ATC Pro Studio Monitors

ATC Entry Series ATC Tower Series ATC Pro Series
ATC SCM 20 Pro
ATC SCM 25 Pro
ATC SCM 50 Pro
ATC SCM 100 Pro

Cleveland Institute of Music
About ATC
ATC Monitors are used in professional studios around the world.
ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd has become one of the very few
manufacturers successful across both domestic and professional audio. By selecting ATC you join a group of music lovers, professional audio engineers, studios and musicians across the World that understand and value the engineering that goes into an ATC product - and the sound that comes out.

The premise upon which the ATC began is a simple one, and one that in many respects is still true today: Hi-fi levels of accuracy and detail call for lightweight moving parts and delicate engineering. Professional monitor levels of performance however demand far more robust components engineered to survive the rigors of high level use for extended periods.

The only way to combine the two is through precision engineering of a class and scale more often associated with aerospace or motorsport. But the results are worth the effort. ATC loudspeakers, with their unique in-house designed drivers, combine the best of audiophile and professional to devastating effect.

PDF Downloads

ATC Engineering Goals & Approaches (1 mb)

ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd (2.4 mb)

ATC Multichannel Speakers (16.4 mb)


New Compact Active : ATC SCM25A Pro
  atc scm25a pro  
Designed for positioning on a meter bridge, or
rack-mountable for broadcast applications, the
ATC SCM25A Pro offers very high-performance
in the most compact possible form factor

ATC C1 Active Sub-Bass Loudspeaker

The ATC C1 Sub is
easily integrated into
your audiophile system.
     ATC C1 Sub

The ATC C1S Subwoofer
is the latest addition to the ATC Entry Series. This remarkable active sub-bass speaker provides life-like low end which adds even more detail and accuracy to your listening experience.
  ATC CA2 Preamp

The ATC CA2 Stereo Pre-amplifier
incorporates many of the same key design features found in the company's state-of-the-art SCA2 audiophile model. You will be amazed by its wide band-width, low distortion and transparency.
ATC CA2 Pre-amp

The ATC CA2 Preamp
received a 5 STAR review
rating from "What HiFi"!
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