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ATC Pro Speakers

ATC SCM16A Pro Loudspeakers The SCM16A features a neodymium 25mm soft dome tweeter. ATC’s new Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) technology has been utilized for the 150mm mid-bass driver (incorporating with a 45mm integral soft dome). CLD technology brings the advantages of high damping without unacceptable cone mass increase.
SCM16A Pro
ATC SCM20ASL Pro Loudpeakers Employing Super Linear Magnet Technology, the 2-way SCM20ASL Pro delivers true reference monitoring that you would expect only in a large 3-way monitor. The SCMASL Pro delivers powerful, clear bass, outstanding midrange clarity and excellent dynamic range.
ATC SCM50ASL Pro Loudpeakers The SCM50ASL Pro is an active 3-way system suitable for reference monitoring in medium sized rooms, with a 234mm Super Linear Bass Driver. The active design ensures optimum matching of six mono amp blocks for plenty of transient headroom and max SPL's of 112db.
SCM50ASL Pro  
ATC SCM100ASL Pro Loudspeakers The SCM100ASL Pro is an active 3-way monitor system with a 314mm Super Linear Bass Driver suitable for large rooms. 4th order active crossovers produce a highly linear amplitude response for both direct and ambient fields, contributing to exceptional stereo imaging.
SCM100ASL Pro  

ATC SCM110ASL Pro Loudspeakers The new low-profile SCM110ASL Pro comprises twin 9-inch ATC SL bass drivers, an ATC 3-inch soft dome mid and a soft dome one-inch tweeter. The active design matches six MOSFET amplifier blocks with the drivers to deliver an excellent transient response and a maximum SPL of 115dB.
SCM110ASL Pro  
ATC SCM150ASL Pro Loudspeakers The SCM150ASL Pro is a further development of the SCM100ASL Pro with a larger 375mm Super Linear Bass Driver and increasing the enclosure size to 150 liters. The result is extended bass, greater headroom and even more dynamic range.
SCM150ASL Pro  
ATC SCM200ASL Pro Loudspeakers The SCM200ASL Pro is a 3-way active main studio monitor capable of continuous SPL’s up to 118db. The High, Mid and twin 314mm Super Linear Bass Drivers are driven by a separate 850 watt per channel amplifier block. You can read more about the ATC P4 Amp.
SCM200ASL Pro  
ATC SCM300ASL Pro Loudspeakers The SCM300ASL Pro takes the same mid and HF drivers, and the same amplifier block as the SCM200 ASL Pro even further by employing larger 375mm Super Linear Bass Drivers and a 300 liter enclosure to deliver an even higher maximum volume of 121db, with extended bass and increased transient headroom.
SCM300ASL Pro    
ATC Professional Speakers

From the compact ATC SCM16A Pro to the mighty ATC SCM300ASL Pro, all ATC monitor loudspeakers are designed without compromise to reproduce
the source material with complete accuracy. At different volume thresholds,
all exhibit consistently low distortion, flat frequency responses, controlled dispersion characteristics and large dynamic ranges.

Because all ATC professional monitors share the same sonic signature, engineers can move freely between one ATC-equipped facility and another, confident in the accuracy and consistency of the reference monitoring.

Furthermore, ATC loudspeakers can be mixed to create AV surround sound monitoring systems with complete consistency of presentation. Tweeters are repositionable on the SCM50ASL Pro, SCM100ASL Pro and SCM150ASL Pro, allowing these monitors to be mounted horizontally.

Surround sound requirements can be met by mixing both large and small monitors which is only possible because of the superior timbre match, dispersion and phase characteristics of ATC Speakers. If space limitations
are still a concern, custom designed monitors are available.

New Compact Active : ATC SCM25A Pro
  atc scm25a pro  
Designed for positioning on a meter bridge, or
rack-mountable for broadcast applications, the
ATC SCM25A Pro offers very high-performance
in the most compact possible form factor


ATC P4 Mono Block Amplifier ATC P4 Amplifier

The P4 is a free standing or rack mounted amplifier. It is cooled by forced ventilation with air intake at the rear of the unit and exhaust in the front. Cooling occurs when the heatsink temperature reaches approx. 30°C.

ATC Entry Series

ATC Tower Series

ATC Entry Speakers - scm7 scm11 scm19 scm40 ATC Tower Speakers - scm20 scm50 scm100 scm150
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