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atc scm 50 speaker for sale in the usa at atc
ATC SCM50SL Loudspeakers The SCM50 ASL (active) and SCM50 SL (passive) are designed to perform at their best in the recording studio or at home.

The legendary SM75-150S soft dome midrange driver is at the heart of the SCM50's ability to reproduce music and speech with phenomenal accuracy, transparency and dynamics.

Each drive unit in the active model has its own dedicated and individually matched MOS-FET amplifier, while the 9" bass driver incorporates ATC's unique Super Linear Magnet technology.

The active crossover network consists of
a wide band-width, electronically balanced input stage with high common mode rejection and very low distortion.
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Drivers : HF 25mm, Mid 75mm, LF 234mm
Amplifier Output : HF 50W Mid 100W, LF 200W
Amplitude Linearity (±2dB) : 70Hz-17kHz
Frequency Response (-6dB) : 38Hz-22kHz
Horizontal Dispersion : ±80°, Coherent
Vertical Dispersion : ±10°, Coherent
Max. Continuous SPL (1 meter) : 112dB
Crossover Frequencies : 380Hz, 3.5kHz
Input Connectors : Male XLR
Input Sensitivity : 1V
Input Impedance :
Balanced > 10kΩ
Voltage : 100, 115, 230 (factory set)
Power : Nominal 90 Watts, Driven 350 Watts
Overload Protection : LDR tweeter protection,
plus active FET MGR (amplifiers)
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 717 x 304 x 480mm
including amps
Weight : 49kg / 107.8lbs
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3-Way Active & Passive Monitor
ATC SCM50 ASL Speakers

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Like the mid and bass drivers, all electronics are designed and manufactured in-house to create a no-compromise active system. In passive form, the ATC SCM50 SL provides broad and symmetrical dispersion, excellent amplitude and phase characteristics throughout the frequency range.
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