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atc scm16a active monitor speaker for sale in the usa at

Sharing a genuine professional heritage with ATC’s famous Active
20 Pro loudspeaker, the SCM16A’s solid, curved, cast-aluminum
enclosure is exceptionally rigid and acoustically inert.

The elegant lines of the die-cast aluminum cabinet are functional,
as well as aesthetic. The compact 16+ liter design is finished in
high gloss silver-grey but can be custom colored by special order
to any shade required.

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Drivers : HF 25mm, Mid/LF 150mm
Amplitude Linearity (± 2dB) : 70Hz-17kHz
Cut-off Frequencies
(-6dB, free-standing) :
62Hz, 20kHz
Horizontal Dispersion : ±80° Coherent
Vertical Dispersion : ±10° Coherent
Max. Continuous SPL (1 meter) : 108dB
Crossover Frequency : 2.8kHz
Input Connectors : Male XLR
Input Sensitivity : Variable
Input Sensitivity Trim : 20dB
Input Impedance : Balanced > 10kΩ
Amplifier Output : Bass 200 W, High 50 W
Filters : Even Order Critically Damped
Overload Protection : Active FET momentary
gain reduction plus thermal tweeter protection
Front Panel Indicators : Power on indicator
LF EQ : +6dB @ 50Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 448 x 270 x 330mm
Weight : 17.5kg / 38.5lbs


  The SCM16A features a neodymium 25mm soft dome
  tweeter. ATC’s new Constrained Layer Damping (CLD)
  technology has been utilized for the 150mm mid-bass
  driver (incorporating with a 45mm integral soft dome).

This exclusive driver cone technology brings the advantages of high damping without unacceptable cone mass increase. With CLD, two lightweight cones sandwich a constrained damping layer. The structure is significantly more effective than free damping because, as the cone flexes, the damping material is forced into a shape that shears adjacent material sections. The alternating shear strain dissipates the unwanted vibration energy as low grade frictional heat. The results are reduced harmonic distortion between 300Hz - 3kHz and an extended frequency range with improved off-axis response.

2 - Way Active Monitors
ATC SCM16A Loudspeakers


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Featuring newly developed driver technology and improved amplifiers, the SCM16A active loudspeaker is a robust monitor designed for the accurate reproduction of stereo and multi-channel audio in small and medium sized rooms. By virtue of its compact active (powered) design, the SCM16A could be utilized as the ultimate MP3 PA system.
  On Board Amplification  
  The SCM16A’s upgraded on-board amplifier pack provides 200watts to the mid/bass driver and 50watts to HF driver. Operating in Class A up to 2/3rds of output, this ultra-low distortion design is capable of continuous sound pressure levels greater than 108db. The electronic crossover offers an exceptionally smooth and even frequency response. Controls include bass level EQ and high frequency attenuation.

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