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atc sia2-150 integrated amplifier for sale in the usa at
 ATC SIA2-150

    ■  150 Watts Per Channel   ■  Class A/B Operation   ■  5 RCA Inputs
    ■  Record, Sub and Pre Outputs   ■  Headphone Jack   ■  6 Year Warranty
    ■  The grounded source FET power amplifier in the SIA2-150, as also used in all ATC
      Active monitors, delivers the high current and damping to fully control any passive
      monitor. The extremely low distortion also explains the tangibility and precision of
      the stereo sound stage, recreating the full presence of the recording.


Output Power: 8 ohm
Both channels driven

Input Sensitivity

Input Impedance

Frequency Response
5Hz-200kHz +/- 0.1dB
Signal To Noise Ratio

Better than 90dB

 -90dB / 0.0032%
Remote control
(ATC SCA R Handset)

Input selection
Tape monitor
Dimensions (HxWxD) 135x435x350mm
Weight 20kg

Integrated Amplifier
ATC SIA2-150 Integrated Amplifier

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ATC SIA2-150

Contact for sale price!      Call 508-274-4330.

CA2   SCA2   SIA2-150   SPA2-150   P1   P4   P6
ATC has an enviable heritage of the design and manufacture of no-compromise studio electronics including the power amplifiers included in all ATC Active monitors. The SCA2 Stereo control pre-amplifier, designed primarily for the purpose of driving Active monitors in both Studio and Hi-Fi installations, has attracted the praise of journalists and recording engineers alike. The combination of ATC power amplifier and ATC control unit in one stylish housing makes a convenient and affordable package offering the finest sound quality possible in a single Hi-Fi component.

ATC has chosen the balance of features and power output very carefully in order to offer a Hi-Fi component that will meet a very wide range of requirements. The SIA2-150 is however a supremely subtle and tender performer, conveying the gentler extreme of recorded dynamics with sensitivity and inner detail only possible when all distortions and non linerarities are reduced to levels well below audibility. In fact the SIA2-150 is a perfect match for the absolutely natural and uncolored reproduction of ATC monitors. A combination that will present your favorite recordings just as the recording engineer intended.
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