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atc ca2 preamp stereo pre-amplifier for sale in the usa at
  • The CA2 is a new stereo preamplifier from ATC that incorporates many of the key design features found in the company's state-of-the-art SCA2 audiophile model. But this is no budget, performer. When you first hear this pre-amp you'll be amazed by its transparency, wide band-width and low distortion.
  • The CA2 delivers true high-end performance at an unusually affordable price. It is a two channel stereo design aimed where high-quality, low-cost compact listening solutions are necessary.
  • Developed to drive both passive and active loudspeakers, its most likely partners will be ATC's Active T16A and Active 20 systems. SACD and DVDA ready, the CA2 has a wealth of cutting-edge electronic design features.
ATC CA2 5-STAR Review Rating from What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision!

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Five Star Review

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Main Output Level Amplitude : 7.5V into 600ohms
THD : >110dB
Frequency Response : DC ->200kHz
Output Impedance : 10 ohms
Tape Output : Direct
Input Impedance : 12k ohms
Input Sensitivity : 300mV
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 90x455x330mm
Weight : 7kg / 15.4lbs
All inputs RCA style (phono) connectors
Main Outputs XLR unbalanced
Tape output RCA style (phono)
Headphone 'Jack'
Power Requirements
             Supply :
  Frequencies : 50/60Hz
Consumption : 35VA max

Long famed for its Active Speakers for Studio, Auditorium and Domestic applications, the Acoustic Transducer Company has for over thirty years also designed and manufactured a stand-alone range of electronics.

The New ATC CA2
Stereo Pre-Amplifier

ATC has been designing
and manufacturing
no-compromise professional studio electronics for years.
You can have the same studio grade audio quality right in your own home! Take a closer look.
atc ca2 stereo pre-amplifier
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ATC CA2 Pre-amp

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ATC CA2 Preamp

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Hand built in the UK with ultra low noise discrete circuits, the CA2 Pre-Amp features a new precision machined 12mm (½ inch) brushed aluminum front plate, with IGUS® ultra smooth bush bearings for both rotary controls. In addition, the pre-amp now has an on-board RIAA close cartridge matching phono board, gain controlled stereo sub out, tape and headphone outputs.

Improved Printed Circuit board layout and production engineering, has resulted in a further substantial reduction in the previously low noise levels. Capable of driving cables up to 50 meters in length, makes it an ideal choice for active systems, or where power amplifiers are concealed for aesthetic reasons.

Circuitry has been designed specifically to avoid phase distorting ICs in the signal path, making full use of discrete component gain blocks. With separate power supplies for each channel, the CA2 delivers ultra low noise, wide bandwidth and low distortion. With an all function remote, the CA2 offers six line level unbalanced RCA inputs, with main outputs featuring XLR unbalanced and RCA phono.
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