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 ATC Tower Series
ATC SCM100 ASL Tower ATC SCM20 ASL Tower ATC SCM150 ASL Tower ATC SCM50 ASL Tower ATC Tower Series Speakers


High Definition Pre-amp

The SCA2 is a high output, low distortion pre-amp with a very wide bandwidth. It is a remarkable audiophile product which, in both laboratory and subjective listening tests, clearly redefines the state of the art.


ATC SCA2 Preamp

World Class Active & Passive Monitors
The ATC Tower Series presents a series of classic hand-built monitors in wood finishes to match modern and traditional interiors, and are fully compatible with ATC subs and center channels to form home cinema systems of unmatched quality.

ATC’s drivers are legendary for their many design innovations. Our hand-wound short voice coils use only high density edge wound flat OFC wire and operate in a precision long magnetic gap. Front and rear magnetic venting not only reduces airflow and noise, but increases power handling and reliability.

Massive motor assemblies offer no-compromise optimization for each voice coil diameter. The unique “Soft Dome” technology in the form of the latest SM-150S was originally developed by ATC in 1976 and is featured in the SCM 50, 100 and 150. Its arrival revolutionized professional studio monitoring. Remarkable today, as then, it remains the only mid-range device capable of giving ultimate performance.

The "Super Linear" technology found in all the Tower models is equally ground breaking. It has long been recognized that the detrimental effects of magnetic hysteresis is a significant factor in the production of distortion in drive units. With clever use of revolutionary materials developed for the communications industry, the problem has been solved for all time in the form of ATC’s SL drive units.

They are unique not only in their ability to accurately reproduce piano, but also the precise manner in which they articulate male voices. This is hardly surprising given the reduction of third harmonic distortion by 10 to 15 dB between 100Hz and 3kHz.

Built to give a lifetime of service and musical enjoyment, all ATC products carry a six year guarantee.
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