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 ATC Entry Series
ATC SCM40 ATC SCM11 ATC SCM19 ATC SCM7 ATC Entry Level Speakers
With critically acclaimed speakers at four affordable price points, the ATC Entry Series takes professional studio audio quality and makes it available to the highly discriminating audiophile.
SCM 11 SCM 40 SCM 19 SCM 7

Hand-Built Passive Monitors
ATC Entry Level Speakers, available in cherry and black ash, feature several subtle and substantial improvements that make considerable gains in overall performance versus their award-winning predecessors the SCM 7, SCM 12, and SCM 35.

Improvements include updated cabinet aesthetics with a stepped graphite double front baffle design engineered for reduced distortion and improved imaging. The monocoque cabinet construction offers more cabinet rigidity and all drive units are precisely optimized to cabinet volume. Optimal performance is also enjoyed with or without grilles installed.

The new neodymium soft dome tweeters with their precision-engineered wave guides provide extended response with better and smoother HF dispersion. Internal crossovers are also new and improved for superior power handling, clarity, and flat impedance curves allowing easy load for amplifiers.

In addition, the new bass-mid drivers for the SCM 11 were designed with ATC's exclusive “Constrained Layer Damping” driver cone technology for reduced distortion and improved frequency response, while the SCM 19 makes use of the revolutionary “Super Linear” driver technology that is used in ATC's professional speakers.
Recommended Integrated SIA2-150
The grounded source FET power amplifier in the SIA2-150, as also used in all ATC Active monitors, delivers the high current and damping to fully control any passive monitor. The extremely low distortion also explains the tangibility and precision of the stereo sound stage, recreating the full presence of recordings. ATC SIA2-150 Integrated Amplifier

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